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Tempo: 122bpm


No Worries
Tempo: 100bpm

Never Scared
Tempo: 137bpm

How We Do
Tempo: 86bpm

Soul Story
Tempo: 94bpm

Concrete Jungle
Tempo: 92bpm

Jump Off
Tempo: 94bpm

Tempo: 124bpm

Tempo: 92bpm

Tempo: 92bpm

Ease Up
Tempo: 144bpm

Hazy Nights
Tempo: 94bpm

Messed Up
Tempo: 139bpm

Flash Stacks
Tempo: 160bpm

In My Lane
Tempo: 166bpm

Tempo: 156bpm

Kill On Sight
Tempo: 142bpm

My Escape
Tempo: 146bpm

What’s Poppin’
Tempo: 154bpm

Tempo: 110bpm

Tempo: 84bpm


Dream Catcher
Tempo: 125bpm

Long Nights
Tempo: 123bpm

Run It Up
Tempo: 132bpm

Feelin’ Good
Tempo: 86bpm

Warning Shot
Tempo: 130bpm

Summer Luv
Tempo: 98bpm

Tempo: 87bpm

Tempo: 92bpm

Tempo: 82bpm

New Day
Tempo: 112bpm

Friend Or Foe
Tempo: 92bpm

Tempo: 96bpm

Tempo: 88bpm

Give It Up
Tempo: 154bpm

Next Level
Tempo: 134bpm

Two Flows
Tempo: 80bpm to 62bpm

Old Soul
Tempo: 88bpm

Secret Wars
Tempo: 82bpm

Desert Rose
Tempo: 124bpm