01. What is this site about? is a catalogue of beats & instrumentals that anyone is free to use non-exclusively. The website was founded by a former professional music producer in April 2018 as a way of helping up-and-coming artists and content creators who don’t have a budget to license instrumentals for their projects.

02. Are the beats Really free to use?

Yes! All beats you find on this website are able to be downloaded and used for your projects. You will not owe any licensing fees or royalties to the producer.

The only restriction right now is YouTube Content ID — if you are caught claiming copyright on any of our YouTube videos, even if it’s inadvertent, you forfeit all rights to use our beats in any capacity. Please be aware of this when using services like TuneCore, DistroKid, etc. to distribute your songs.

03. I’m having trouble downloading the beats.

Some users have reported issues with the download service we use (called Hypeddit).

If you are unable to download a beat after the completing the necessary steps:

  • try downloading using a different browser — eg. chrome vs. safari

  • try downloading using a different device — eg. mobile vs. laptop

  • contact Hypeddit’s customer support

04. Who makes the beats?

The vast majority of the beats on this website are made by White Hot.

White Hot was a professional music producer from 2007-2014 and worked with famous artists including DJ Khaled, Ace Hood, Future & more.


DJ Khaled & Ace Hood going crazy to a
White Hot beat at 0:51


05. How should I credit you if I use a beat?

Please credit us in one of the following ways:

  • Produced by

  • Produced by

  • Produced by White Hot

06. What does the Upgrade package get me?

You received the Tracked-Out WAVs of the beat — these files are higher quality than an MP3 and can be used by your recording engineer to give your song a better mix.

Also included is a Licensing Agreement, which is sent via HelloSign — this outlines your royalty-free non-exclusive rights to use the song in any capacity. This can be good to have if you plan on distributing your song widely: some platforms, websites and labels require contractual proof that your instrumental is properly licensed before distributing your song.

07. Why did I receive a copyright claim on YouTube?

If you have been copyright claimed by someone other than ‘Royalty Free Beats’ on YouTube, the claim is completely fraudulent and illegitimate. Dispute the claim and point the claimant & YouTube’s staff toward this page as proof that you are allowed to use the beat. Please also email the claimant’s information to and we will work to have their song taken down.

The only way we will ever copyright claim your song on YouTube is if you fraudulently copyright claim our YouTube channel first. The claimant will be ‘Royalty Free Beats’ in this case.

My question wasn’t answered on this FAQ page.

Send us a message, we typically respond within 24 hours.