As of October 2018, is getting 20,000-30,000 unique visitors every month.
We are #1 in Google for search terms like “free beats”.

about the site

For nearly 10 years, I was a music producer. Then in 2014, I retired from music to pursue other ventures.

In April 2018, I created using my catalogue of unsold instrumentals from 2012-2013.
The beats are free for artists to download and use for their projects.

The site uses Hypeddit to convert downloads into followers for our social media accounts.
The Soundcloud account has 8000+ followers already and gets 50+ new followers every day.
Hypeddit can also get artists email addresses and followers for other social sites - YouTube, Instagram, etc. gets 60-70% of its traffic organically through Google search.
Pages have been optimized for keywords that artists commonly use when searching for new beats.

Buying The Site is not meant to replace your existing beat sales site, social media or personal brand.
It is meant to be an additional web property, something that builds you an audience on autopilot.
Ideally, you would upload a few new beats every month to it to keep users engaged.

Any music producer would benefit from adding to their online presence.
With 20-30k unique visitors every month, this site will build you a fanbase on autopilot.
Focus on what matters most - your music - and rest easy knowing you’ve got consistent traffic coming in.

The site was intentionally made nondescript and is ready for your personal branding.
No other producers name has ever appeared on this website - not even mine!


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